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Metasequoia 4.7 (Ver4.7.0) beta test program

We publish the beta test program of Metasequoia 4.7 (Ver4.7.0).

Please cooperate with feedback on function evaluation to develop Metasequoia.

How to join to beta test program

Download the beta program from the following link, and try this version. Please post bugs reports or requests for improvement to BBS or mail support (

*15th, March, 2019 : Ver4.7 beta2 has been released.

Trial limit: until 30th, April, 2019(JST)


Main update of Ver.4.7 Beta1

File Import/Export
  • The standard file format has been changed from MQO/MQX to MQOZ. Data of two files, MQO and MQX, are merged into MQOZ as one. The file size will be smaller than before.
  • File Export for COB(trueSpace), POV(POV-Ray), WRL(VRML 1.0), SUF(DoGA), AMF, JMF(three.js) are abolished.
Improved support for glTF format
For glTF import / export, bone and morphing have been supported. And setting items have been added in the Material Property of glTF shader.
These improves data conversion accuracy when import and export glTF files. It also improves the reproducibility of glTF file display on preview display in Metasequoia.
Improved Bone command
Specification of Bone command are changed. Node structures becomes the basic format.

In the previous version, it was possible to switch between bone and node modes. But it was difficult to operate, such as incompatibility with other file formats in bone mode, difficulty setting parent bone in node mode.
In Ver4.7, management of bone data is changed to a per-node basis. Setting items are easy to handle. Internal structure becomes the same as FBX or PMD, file Import and Export compatibility are improved.

And, operation method is not changed greatly from the previous version. Edit Weight command etc. are improved.

* The bone data created by Ver. 4.7 can not be read by Ver. 4.6.9 or earlier version.
* It is possible to read the bone data created by the previous version. However, because the data structure is different, some results may differ from the original data.
* The bone plug-ins for the previous version don't work. It is necessary to create it with the SDK for Ver 4.7 again.

Please check Release note to see all of updates.