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[7843] Update to 4.6.8 64 bit error / gaetan diotte
Done [Bug report,bone command.dll failed] Response
update to 4.6.8 64bit. 1st time open. this error message. help please. thank you

Metasequoia 4 Ver4.6.8 (64bit) is running.
Windows version : 10.0  Build:17134  (Windows 10 x64 April 2018 Update)
Number of CPU : 4
Physical memory : 7641 MB
C:\Program Files\tetraface\Metasequoia4\Plugins\Command\bone.dll : Failed to get a version of plug-in.
C:\Program Files\tetraface\Metasequoia4\Plugins\Command\bone.dll : Failed to load.
    Unsupported version.
Direct3D11 Driver: AMD Radeon HD 6530D
    DeviceID: 38474
    SubsysID: 102567973
    Revision: 0
    FeatureLevel: 11.0
2018-10-24 21:17

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[7846] Re: Update to 4.6.8 64 bit error / Administrator
You don't have to remove it in 32bit if it works fine. A plugin dll only runs on a correct version; either 32bit or 64bit.
2018-10-26 12:09
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