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About purchase license

You can use Metasequoia without purchasing a license. However, if you do not license authentication, part of the function is disabled (the output of the non-proprietary format, Plug-in, Scripts, etc.). Please check "Compare the edition" for more information.

You can remove these restriction by purchasing a license. Please take the following steps.

Before purchase

Before you purchase, please check the following points.

License Agreement

When you purchase a license, you must agree the following "End User License Agreement".

Metasequoia 4 End User License Agreement

This is a legal Agreement between you, the end user, and tetraface Inc. (tetraface). By using the Software, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

1. Definitions.
1.1 "Software" means all computer programs, data and documents including this product but not limited to them.
1.2 "Charged License" means a license with License key issued by tetraface after you purchased or you requested for a trial purpose.
1.3 "License Key" means a serial id that is given together with Charged License and is used for running and using Software or a part of it.
1.4 "Server" means that Software is installed in it, and you may run use Software by accessing from other multiple computers.
1.5 "Client PC" means a computer that you may use Software by accessing to the Server.

2 Use
2.1 You may install and use Software in your own computer.

3 Duplication
3.1 You may create a copy of Software for a backup or a distribution to a particular person.
3.2 You shall obtain the prior consent of tetraface when you create a copy of Software for a purpose of a distribution to the unspecified target.
3.3 You shall not create a copy of Software for a purpose except purposes in the previous sections.

4 Prohibitions
4.1 You shall not lend Software including similar rental act or not make an used item transaction of Software.

5 Period
5.1 The Agreement becomes effective when you use Software.
5.2 You may terminate the Agreement at the time you uninstall Software and erases all copies of Software.

6 Version up
6.1 Tetraface may modify Software without a notice.
6.2 Tetraface may offer a version up Software to you with or without a charge.

7 Exemption
7.1 Tetraface is not responsible for any damage from your use of this Software.

8 Modification
8.1 You shall not make a modification, an adaptation, reverse engineering, reverse compiling or reverse assembling and so on for Software even if you have any reason.
8.2 You shall not try to remove restrictions of functions, can be unlocked by the License Key, without the Charged License.

9 Intellectual property ownership
9.1 All intellectual property rights of Software, including a copyright, are owned by tetraface.

10 Open source software
10.1 Regardless of this provision, open source software listed separately are licensed to you based on each license term.

11 Revoking
11.1 Tetraface may have a right of revoking your right to use Software when you violate the Agreement.
11.2 When tetraface revoke your right to use Software, you shall stop using Software and erase Software and the copies rapidly.

12 Damages
12.1 Tetraface may claim for damages or pursue legal action when you violate this Agreement or damage to tetraface because of you.

13 Governing Law
13.1 The existence, validity, construction, operation and effect of this Agreement shall be determined in accordance with and governed by the laws of Japan.

14 Jurisdiction
14.1 Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes arising in connection with this Agreement.

Additions for Charged License

You shall agree the following additional license to use Charged License.

1 Use
1.1 You may input License Key on your own computer(s) that does not be accessed by other multiple computers in any of the following conditions:
(a) On two or lesser computers used by you (a particular person if you are a corporation) only
(b) On one computer used by you and other persons
1.2 You may input License Key on your own Server in the following condition:
(a) You have the same number of Charged Licenses as the number of Client PCs allowed to access the Server.

2 Period
2.1 You may not exceed a time limit to use Charged License for a trial purpose with the time limit.

3 Prohibitions
3.1 You shall not duplicate the Charged License information except for a backup purpose.
3.2 You shall not provide, not release, or not lend Charged License including similar rental act or not make used item transaction of Charged License.

4 Transferring
4.1 You may transfer Charged License to others on condition that you lose Charged License completely.
4.2 The transferee shall agree this Agreement and additions of this Software.
4.3 The right to use Charge license is not permitted to divide version up Software or upgrade Software.

5 Losing
5.1 Tetraface does not ensure to issue the Charged License again when you lose it because of you.

Only if you can agree to the license, proceed to the next step.


Product edition Type Price Purchasing condition
Metasequoia 4 Standard New purchasing 45.00 USD  
Metasequoia 4 EX New purchasing 150.00 USD  
Upgrade from Standard 125.00 USD You must have a serial ID for Metasequoia 4 Standard. (*1)


Please complete both STEP 1 and STEP 2.


STEP 1: Payment

Please select a type and push the "Pay Now" button.

Metasequoia 4 Standard
Metasequoia 4 EX

Caution: The above buttons are NOT available in Japan. Please see the Japanese page if you are in Japan.

STEP 2: Registration

Please send the following registration form after payment. You won't receive a license until completing the registration.

STEP 3: Issuing a license key

We will send you a license key by e-mail after we confirm both your payment and the registration form.

Please wait 1-5 business days. And, please do not ask or protest to PayPal during these days. It will take extra time or fee if you do that.

If the license is not delivered to you after that period, please contact to us (


Due to the nature of the product, we cannot refund after issuing a license key. If you send money by mistake, please contact us by a mail before going to STEP 2. In the case of a refund, the amount of the payment fee to PayPal will be deducted.