Metasequoia 4

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TIPS for Metasequoia 4

How to install and operate the Metasequoia 4
Please read this page first. It explains the Metasequoia 4 installation and how to learn operation.
Introduction of Metasequoia 4's useful features
How to check objects and materials, to snap faces
New features for Metasequoia 4.6 (Ver4.6.0)
Normal Editor has been added, and Voxeloid ,UV Edit have been improved.
Supporting RenderMan command - Denoise option
In Metasequoia 4 (Ver.4.5.7), Denoise option of RenderMan is set from Metasequoia command.
New features for Metasequoia 4.5 (Ver4.5.6)
New feature, Anchor is added in Bone for adjusting weight of bones.
Bone command tutorial - Exporting and importing anchors in [Closed region]
If you want to placce anchors strictly, export anchors to normal objects and edit.
Morph command tutorial- New features for Metasequoia 4.5 (1)
Morph command deforms the shape of the object to other object. In this tutorial, we explain how to make a facial expression by morph command.
Matcap - New features for Metasequoia 4.5 (2)
Matcap is a function to display easily the pre-rendered image on objects. We introduce the usage examples.
Importing SVG files - New features for Metasequoia 4.5 (3)
It is introduction to import the SVG files and set options in Metasequoia 4.5.
Supporting RenderMan command tutorial - New features for Metasequoia 4.5 (4)
Metasequoia supports rendering by RenderMan. In this tutorial, we introduce how to render glass sphere.