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To get the more information of Metasequoia, please check the Japanese version.


Support > TIPS "Morph command tutorial" (9 Oct., 2015)

TIPS for Metasequoia is published. We introduce the Morph command.
Please check Morph command tutorial.

Metasequoia 4.5 (Ver 4.5.2) (10 Sep., 2015)

Bone has been improved, and several bugs have been fixed.

Please download the new version from Download page.

Metasequoia 4.5 (Ver 4.5.1) (28 July, 2015)

Opensubdiv updates and bone property for PMD have been added, and many bugs have been fixed.

Metasequoia 4.5 (Ver4.5.0) (8 July, 2015)

Metasequoia 4.5 has been released. The following new features are added.

Metasequoia 4.4 (Ver 4.4.3) (23 Apr, 2015)

Problems of FBX export and so on have been fixed in Ver4.4.3.

Metasequoia 4.4 (Ver 4.4.2) (10 Mar, 2015)

Many bugs have been fixed.

Metasequoia 4.4 (Ver 4.4.0) (13 Feb, 2015)

Metasequoia 4.4 has been released. Existing features have been improved in this update, and the following changes have been made mainly.