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Recent news

(14 Mar, 2014) Metasequoia 4 (Ver4.1.2) has been released.
(26 Feb, 2014) Metasequoia 4 (Ver4.1.1) and SDK Rev4.11 have been released.
(21 Feb, 2014) Metasequoia file format specification is available in the "For developers" page.
(29 Jan, 2014) Metasequoia Ver3.1.6 has been released. This version supports loading .mqo files exported by Metasequoia 4.
(24 Jan, 2014) Metasequoia 4 (Ver4.1.0) and SDK Rev4.10 have been released.

Metasequoia 4.1 (24 Jan, 2014)

Metasequoia 4.1 (Ver4.1.0) is now available. Please download and install it soon!

Please see the following document for major new features, and see also the release note for more information.


Release note

This update is free for Metasequoia 4 users.

Metasequoia 4

Metasequoia 4 logo

We released a 3D modeling software "Metasequoia 4".

Metasequoia 4 provides two editions; Standard edition is suitable for beginners of 3D modeling and professional, and EX edition is suitable for users using other professional 3DCG software and 3D printings.


The following functions are provided newly.

  • 64-bit support
    • Metasequoia 4 supports 64-bit natively. Over 4GB memories are available for objects, mapping images, undo buffers and so on. You can use both 32-bit edition and 64-bit edition with the same one license.
  • Vector based new GUI
    • Five "GUI texture"s including white and black are provides. You can select your favorite appearance. All GUI components are displayed by vector drawings, and buttons, icons and so on are displayed beautifully in the high resolution monitors like as IGZO and Retina displays.
  • Armature
    • An object modeling along a center line can be made by the Armature.
  • N-gon (5 or more points in a face)
    • You can make a polygon with 5 or more points. And you can add edges (=divide a face) or erase edges (merge faces) easily.
  • Powerful modeling functions
    • Make a hole, Bridge, Fillet and so on are added newly, and many existing functions are improved.
  • OpenSubdiv
    • OpenSubdiv; a Pixar's subdivision surface; is now supported. You can set weights for vertices and edges to round them. And, OpenSubdiv produces lesser distorted texture UVs.
  • View with a wide range
    • Now you can watch and edit in the smaller view than 1mm or the larger one than 1km.
  • Unit displays
    • You can display the scales with mm/cm/m/km/in/ft units, and input numbers with units.
  • Ambient occlusion
    • The ambient occlusion makes dark in the secluded part, and bright in the opening part. This results are reserved in the vertex colors, and you can watch the objects from any direction.
      Ambient Occulusion
  • Real-time shadow
    • The shadow of the object is displayed in real-time. The projected shadow gives a distance feeling to you.
  • Measure a length, an angle and a thickness
  • Ray tracing rendering
  • Import / Export
    • STL, PLY, FBX, COLLADA(DAE) files are supported both importing and exporting. STL and PLY are used for 3D printings and 3D scanning. FBX and COLLADA are used by professional 3DCG software and game development environments like as Unity.


Q1. How can I purchase Metasequoia?
A1. You can send the money to me with PayPal. Please see the 'Purchase' page.

Q2. Can I use Metasequoia or MetasequoiaLE for commercial purposes?
A2. Yes. You can use Metasequoia and MetasequoiaLE for any purposes included commercial use.

Q3. Where is Metasequoia for Mac and Linux?
A3. There is no plan to make a Mac and Linux edition, sorry.